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In our lab we study the development of human musicality. Specifically, we want to know how our reactions to and engagement with music develop and are shaped by the structure of the auditory system and our culture-specific listening experiences. We also want to know how musicality influences and is influenced by development in other domains such as language and emotion. 

By studying how infants, children, and adults respond to and understand music, we hope to answer fundamental questions about our musical nature. We are actively recruiting children from 3 months to 15 years of age to participate in our studies.

Auditory Cognition 
Development Lab

We are all musical!

UNLV Music Lab Spring 2024.HEIC

Want to participate in science? At the UNLV Music Lab, we ask how different people respond to music, language, and the many sounds in the world. We are currently recruiting for a research study in which we will ask you questions about which sounds you like and dislike, your musical experiences and habits, and your general auditory experiences, and you will do some short listening tests. The study should take 45-60 minutes.

Take part in a study on emotional responses to sound!


  • Development of Music Cognition

  • Rhythm Perception and Production

  • Cross-Cultural Comparison

  • Music and Language

  • Intermodal Perception 

  • Emotional Reactions to Sound

Join us in our #UNLVMusicLab Journey!


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